EVO 1.3 VW SWB (straight worktop Low Unit)

£ 985.00 inc vat

VW T5 T6 short wheel base van flat pack interior

Perfect for having windows down the length of the van

Includes full side unit, table system, over bed locker, front and back bed boards, all the wood work necessary to build a full camper van interior,

**Please note the the fridge will need to be recessed in the side panelling of the van for a flush fit.**

The front cupboard door unclips to fit a selection of 50L fridges.

Note: the back of the fridge needs to be recessed into the ply lining and some metal needs removing from the van

The worktop is cut as standard for a SMEV 9222 sink hob ( righthand sink )

PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT SUITABLE FOR THE FIXED RIB 112cm bed/seat. When fitting a sliding RIB bed ensure the frame is set back to allow the unit doors to open, check before drilling.

See full specifications and options below.

LEFT or RIGHT hand drive vehicle? * 

Unit Finish * 

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CPL – Continuous Pressure Laminate
HPL – High Pressure Laminate ( More wear resistant 0.8mm thick )
SD – Suede Finish

Worktop & Table Finish * 


Roof Type * 

Which over bed Locker do you require with your Furniture? This is included as standard with your furniture
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Bed boards * 

These are panels for the front and back of your seat / bed. Please note the Rib bed is available in 2 different frame heights 340 or 330 mm contact your supplier for this info or measure yourself.
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Door catch * 

Drawer Type * 

Window Surround panel- FULL LENGTH -COLLECTION ONLY T5/T6

3mm thick Aluminium composite window surround panel. Please note this is full length with 2 window cuts due to its size we cannot deliver this item.

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