Looking for a unique finish for your kitchen worktop? We have a range of discontinued finish we can use for worktops and tables. – Click Here

Please note these images do not represent the exact shade due to differences in computer screens and lighting etc. It is always best to get a real sample if you are unsure. You can order SAMPLES HERE

We are working on updating our stock range. Please note most of the Stylam Range will discontinued during 2023 as we now have a range of stock Greys available as below.


Blue Grey Metallic CPL sample here

Driftwood CPL sample here

Hacienda White CPL

** BLUE GREY METALLIC – Special Care Instructions **

Polar Blue 564 SD HPL (sample here)

 Any exposed ply edge, especially ones that touch the floor are venerable to delaminate if in contact with liquid. Before installation apply 2 coats of neat D3 waterproof PVA to seal the ply edges with a mini roller and leave the excess to dry clear. Check for leaks periodically and keep humidity content low, if storing the van over winter use a disposable dehumidifier.

Blue Grey Metallic, 1 week test standing in 1cm of water