Over Bed Locker Choices

Depending on which type of roof you have on your van will affect the type of locker you need to choose.

For the low roof factory standard van the choices are straight forward , this style of locker comes in 2 widths , 3/4 width which is the most common choice or Full width which is suitable for our furniture kits that have low back section such as the evo 1.3 ,2.3, 4.3, 5.3 or those kits which are designed for the 3 rear seats such as the 1300 furniture kits or the evo 6 kit

If your van has an elevating roof then you will need to choose a locker that fits your brand of roof, this is straight forward with most of the established roof brands such as genuine Reimo, SCA and Hilo roofs.

Most other UK roofs are based upon the Reimo roof, either being direct copies or using a similar type of roof frame and scissor hinge mechanism. Most of the time our standard Reimo roof locker will work with these roofs ( Poptops Uk, Skyline etc… ) but othertimes they won’t fit because the roof frame is a different size or it has been installed and panelled differently.

To help you choose your roof locker look at the following drawings and check the dimensions against your own roof.