EVO 5.4 PRO SWB VAN T4 / T5 / T6

£ 1,480.00 inc vat


Designed to work with the Scopema Rib 112cm seat/bed (fixed frame recommended) or any 3/4 with seat/bed.

Please Note: When fitting a sliding RIB bed ensure the frame is set in a position to allow the unit doors to open, check before drilling.

Includes the following:

  • 2x soft close twin wall metal drawers pre edgebanded (drawers only)
  • 1 x flap shelf below sink
  • EVOmatic door catches as standard, please select colour options from drop down (push buttons are not available on the kit)
  • Aluminium extrusions on main corners
  • 3 x Sliding tambour door (optional Black finish available)
  • Over bed locker for low roof and elevating roof vans
  • Front bed panel with door/s and rear bed panel (Rib bed has 2 doors on the front and one on the rear panel)
  • The worktop cut for the SMEV 9722  – 2 burner hob and right handed sink
  • Concealed self close hinges with flush fitting doors
  • Table with folding aluminium leg and stainless steel sliding rail system
  • All connecting blocks, hinges, grey, black or silver edging, push catches and screws
  • Designed for the Indel B or Webasto BL41 or Vitrifrigo TL 43 top loading fridge offering excellent efficiency
  • Knock on edging for all exposed edges, the edges are pre slot cut for YOU to apply
  • Designed to be easy to construct with easy mount hinges, slots for aligning the panels and pre drilled hole for the connector blocks
  • Available in a range of own light weight ply finishes
  • Worktop and Table can be a different finish
  • Edging: Silver, Black, Light Grey or Dark Grey
  • Works with Scopema RIB seat 112mm wide fixed or sliding seat or 3/4 rock n roll bed. Reimo Variotech 3000 1155mm
  • Works with both low roof and elevating roof conversion

Does not include the following options as standard:

  • LED light shelf

*Water and gas can be positioned in various locations, under the bed or within the locker or under the van.

*Please note the lower rear door on the tall unit may need to be removed if using a Rock n roll bed.

IMG_6155 IMG_6154


Van Model *

VW T5/6’s require 44″ 112cm WIDTH BEDS or narrower
VW T4’s require 42″ 107cm WIDTH BEDS or narrower
– T4/5/6 require 15mm total floor thickness – Add notes if thicker and state total floor thickness.
– T4/5/6 Fits a standard van configuration – Add notes for twin sliding doors, rear Aircon unit or non standard features.
Do not use large one piece ply lining.

LEFT or RIGHT hand drive vehicle? *

Unit Finish *

View finishes 

View Discontinued Finishes 

CPL – Continuous Pressure Laminate
HPL – High Pressure Laminate ( More wear resistant 0.8mm thick )
*Being discontinued once stock is depleted

Worktop & Table Finish *


Door catch *

Roof Type *

Please ignore brackets ( R40 =840 B ) etc…after roof type. ONLY SELECT A FULL WIDTH LOCKER FOR A SLIM KIT (eg. 1300) OR A KIT WITH A LOW BACK (eg. 2.3 5.3)
View Over bed locker types 

Bed boards *

These are panels for the front and back of your seat / bed. Please note the Rib bed is available in 2 different frame heights 340 or 330 mm contact your supplier for this info or measure yourself. Ignore brackets ( A ) etc.. after description.
View Bed Board Types 

Twin Light Recesses *

The option to have the twin light recess cut outs or to leave the wardrobe side panel solid View Here 

Window Surround panel

3mm thick Aluminium composite window surround panel which can be drilled and cut to accept switches and control panels


Add products to compliment your furniture kit. Please note some kits come with some of the items below


Please add any additional information that you have discussed with us.

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