Under Bed Partition + Hinged Door & Removable Lower Panel

£ 310.00 inc vat

MWB large van under bed partition with slide out lower panel and hinged upper door for easy access.
Different versions of the partition cater for 4×4 and standard floor height as well as space pod window recesses.

The ends of the dividing wall are by default cut into the window recesses. You may need to trim these ends off depending on how you are lining the van.

Check dimensions before purchasing.


Choose which side you want the kitchen pod to be cut for.

Van Type * 

The ends of the panel can be cut into the window recess or cut to finish against ply lining depending on your layout.

Unit Finish * 

CPL – Continuous Pressure Laminate
HPL – High Pressure Laminate ( More wear resistant 0.8mm thick )
SD – Suede Finish


Please add any additional information that you have discussed with us.