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There’a huge range of different types of seat/ mechanisms available in the UK most of them are variations on the rock n roll beds like Smart beds, Canons forge etc… all of these beds vary slightly in the size and how the bed panels will fit. We would recommend fitting the bed after the furniture has been installed so that you can centre the bed between the side of the van and the furniture units but also so that you have space to install the furniture without having to work around the seat/ bed.  All the bed boards are generally over sized on the ends allowing you to trim and scribe them to length depending on it’s position in the van. Some of the bed panels are pre cut to length in cases where we know the exact dimensions of the bed. If you have a generic rock n roll bed you can measure its height and check it against our bed boards listed below.

To fix bed boards to your metal frame we recommend using our supplied metal “L” brackets  which can be fixed to the frame with self tapping screws allowing you to screw the bed panel to the frame.


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These are panels for the front and back of your seat / bed. Please note the Rib bed is available in 2 different frame heights 340 or 330 mm contact your supplier for this info or measure yourself. Ignore brackets ( A ) etc.. after description.
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