Shower Toilet Cubicle A

£ 980.00 inc vat

705 x 975 mm shower toilet cubicle, height varies depending on model chosen (check against your own vehicle before purchasing).

IMPORTANT : Cassette removal hole ONLY works with OUR SHOWER TRAYS DEPTH (75mm) – If purchasing third party tray to use with our shower A CONTACT US BEFORE PURCHASING otherwise cassette hole will not line up.

Tray allows for trimming around a wheel arch or can be left uncut.

Can be cut for both Sprinter / Crafter PRE -2017, New Crafter 2017 onwards or left squared at the back for scribing into other vehicles.

Roof panel can be cut to allow roof light & motion sensitive light. ( PIR )

Interior walls are water proof HPL available in gloss white as standard.

WORKS WITH THETFORD, 220 & 260 SERIES TOILET. ( 220 Recommend ) use this tray: 

All panels will need silicone sealant at junctions (not supplied).

Back interior curved wall panel is gloss white hygiene board which will need to be bonded to a curved 6mm ply panel.

Can be cut so the toilet cassette is on the Left hand side of the door opening, but if going for this option you will need to source the shower tray from Magnums motor homes as our tray are only for the right hand.


  • Laminated poplar ply with white gloss interior, exterior colour can be different finishes from the Stylam or Gentas range
  • Aluminium corner extrusions
  • Latching door handle or optional tambour door
  • Roof panel can be left solid or with rectangular cut out
  • Internal toilet cassette removal door

Optional extras

  • Led light with PIR sensor which comes on automatically when you enter the cubicle
  • Tambour door (this will need to cut to length as the height between the shower tray and roof panel can vary depending on the thickness of your floor. Use a fine tooth blade)

We Recommend watching this excellent video if installing a tambour door here.


Due to the panel sizes we recommend collection or it can be sent on a pallet.

Does not include THETFORD TOILET,  FLAP DOWN CONTESSA SINK UNIT OR SHOWER TRAY. These can be purchased separately.

We can cut the shower with the toilet cassette door on either the right hand side or left hand side of the door as you look at the door from outside of the shower.

Unit Finish *

View finishes 
Interior of shower will be white gloss as standard please add style colour reference for exterior finish. Finishes can be viewed here

Shower door inside will match exterior in CPL. A shower curtain must be installed to stop the door getting wet. Curtain not included.

Please add your Stylam or Gentas colour reference if you have selected this option from the drop down menu above.


Anything extra you have discussed with us or non standard features of you vehicle. Any amendments must be discussed with us first and agreed before adding them here.

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