Flat pack units for Reimo 1200 Variotech 3000 SWB VW T5 T6

£ 1,150.00 inc vat

Flat pack-Reimo Variotech units for the 3 seat – SHORT WHEEL BASE VAN ONLY.

Comes with:

Full side unit with draw, table, tambour door . Self assembley ,

Designed and cut for as standard:

Cramer sink 410 x 335 CE99-B410L-I-G

Cramer Hob 460 x 335 CE99-ZF460-I-G Hob

The 9222 will not fit. The 9722 can fit but the cutlery drawer back must be cut down to allow clearance. 

To fit the Reimo Variotech units for the 3 seater 1205mm wide seat.

Option to install waeco CR 40 fridge in front cupboard


Reimo Variotech 3000 1205mm sliding seat


LEFT or RIGHT hand drive vehicle? * 

Unit Finish * 

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CPL – Continuous Pressure Laminate
HPL – High Pressure Laminate ( More wear resistant 0.8mm thick )
SD – Suede Finish

Worktop & Table Finish * 


Roof Type * 

Please ignore brackets ( R40 =840 B ) etc…after roof type. ONLY SELECT A FULL WIDTH LOCKER FOR A SLIM KIT (eg. 1300) OR A KIT WITH A LOW BACK (eg. 2.3 5.3)
View Over bed locker types 

Bed boards * 

These are panels for the front and back of your seat / bed. Please note the Rib bed is available in 2 different frame heights 340 or 330 mm contact your supplier for this info or measure yourself. Ignore brackets ( A ) etc.. after description.
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Drawer Type * 

Optional extras

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