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Narrow T5 T6 kit designed for 1200mm wide seat/beds fixed or sliding ( Reimo Variotech )

  • 3 soft close draws  pre edge banded
  • Over bed locker for low roof and elevating roof vans
  • Front bed panel with door and rear bed panel
  • The worktop cut for SMEV 9722 – 2 burner hob and sink
  • Concealed self close hinges with flush fitting doors
  • Table with folding aluminium leg and  stainless steel sliding rail system
  • All connecting blocks, hinges, grey , black or silver edging, push catches and screws
  • Designed for the Vitrifrigo C 42 L with compressor fixed to the top of the fridge ( see appliances ) fridge door protrudes out 40mm.
  • Use 12L water bottle under bed only.
  • Knock on edging for all exposed edges, the edges are pre slot cut for you to apply
  • Designed to be easy to construct with easy  mount hinges, slots for aligning the panels and pre drilled hole for the connector blocks
  • Available in a range of own light weight ply finishes
  • Worktop and Table can be a different finish.
  • Edging: Silver , black or Dark Grey
  • Works with Reimo Variotech 3000 1205mm sliding seat, Scopema RIB seat 1200mm wide fixed or  sliding  seat
  • Works with both low roof and elevating roof conversions ( Reimo style only )

*Does not include LED light shelf above the sink this an option extra available for purchase.

Does not include the following options as standard:

  • Twin light recess ( Twin cut outs in tall unit facing forward, not an option on kits ending in .3 or .5 )
  • LED light shelf














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Which over bed Locker do you require with your Furniture? This is included as standard with your furniture
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Bed boards * 

These are panels for the front and back of your seat / bed. Please note the Rib bed is available in 2 different frame heights 340 or 330 mm contact your supplier for this info or measure yourself.
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Window Surround panel

3mm thick Aluminium composite window surround panel which can be drilled and cut to accept switches and control panels

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