Light weight insulated floor – New VW Crafter 2017 onwards – EXTRA Long Wheel Base

£ 460.00 inc vat


4 piece extended floor which goes all the way up to the passenger and driver seat base box. The floor is made from an Ultralight sandwich panel with an insulating XPS (extruded polystyrene) core combined with plywood that is made of 100% European poplar ply with lap joints. Due to size this a collection only product.

Please note this floor is longer than the factory floor supplied with your van and is designed to be used with our crafter / sprinter kit. Both 4×4 and standard van.

Ensure the floor is well bonded ( we have used and can recommend SOUDAFLEX 40FC, other polyurethane adhesives are available ) and the joints are set level before covering with vinyl. Leave a weight over lap joints while the adhesive is setting. Fill and sand joints flat if required.Use commercial grade vinyl, eg. Altro flooring. Avoid domestic foam backed Lino as this will not last.


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