Table – A -Side Door Fold up in Bamboo

£ 85.00 inc vat

Includes 16mm bamboo folding table suitable for camper vans or boats. Opens out into open space once the door is completely open.

**Check side door clearance against your kitchen pod before purchasing the table needs a minimum of 40mm when the door is closed.

  • Comes with two Stainless Steel Foldable Click Brackets .
  • The bamboo is untreated and will need to be oiled or vanished depending on the finish you want.
  • Bamboo is an extremely durable and water resistant material.

DIMENSIONS of board- 577mm x 350mm

ALLOW MIN 40mm WIDTH TO DOOR (see picture)

REQUIRES units that extend 620mm past the sliding door when fully opened. (Includes our V6 ( depending on how pod is fitted ) V7 ,V8, V11 pods . Check dimensions first !